About Us

Where it began

Carriers of Hope started in May 2009 when it was noticed that there were a number of asylum seekers, refugees or recently arrived Eastern European migrants (primarily Roma people from Romania) living in the Coventry area, who were experiencing extreme poverty and lacking the most basic personal and household facilities.

We started by preparing and handing out carrier bags of ‘useful things’ and also encouraging friends and supporters, mainly from the local churches, to join in and help provide them. These carrier bags gave the name to Carriers of Hope.

We quickly expanded, opening pop-up shops and support groups where people could come and have choice over items they needed.

Today we run groups for new parents called Let’s Play, as well as groups to learn English, for training and for other support work. We turn an empty house into a home with our furniture project, and make sure mums to be have a full hospital bag with our baby project. We distribute toy bags to children who have none, and recondition computer equipment to help home learning. We support families with school uniform and stationery. We take emergency items to newly arrived families, and do home visits to see how we can support more. We run a World Foods Food Hub for reduced cost world foods. Our number of projects and support is ever increasing and we do everything in our power to support our clients. You can support us by donating here.

“I am truely overwhelmed by the love my family has continued to get from you. You are surely a beacon on hope in Coventry and you are God sent. I would love to extend my gratitude to Carriers of Hope for all the support we have continually recieved.”

Client message July 2020