Baby Project


Our main focus is on pregnant mothers and their families all the way up to 6 months postnatal. The aim is to ensure that our clients are given dignity and confidence during pregnancy and delivery through combined support. We do this in 4 brief stages.

1. Assessment

We recieve client referrals from different sources across the beautiful city of Coventry. Our team members then carry out an initial welcome visit to do a needs assessment of the family. To make a referral, please see our contact us page.

2. Planning

Our services are client-centred, thus each case is unique and treated as such. We make appointments with the family to establish a convenient time for a second home visit. Our clients at this time have numerous hospital, midwifery and GP visits.

3. Delivery

With the help of our valuable donors, we are then able to put together a hospital bag, a baby bag and all other essential items for an expectant mum and newborn baby. These are delivered to the client’s home.

What our expectant mums receive

Baby Bag:
Nappies and wipes 
Baby clothes 
Baby toiletries 
Soft toy

Mum Bag:
Maternity towels 
Dressing Gown, Nightie and Slippers 
Breast pads
Disposable briefs

Pushchair and newborn car seat 
Baby Bath
Play Mat 
Bouncy Chair
Bottle Steriliser 
Moses Baskets and Stand
Blanket and sheets

NB: additional items are given depending on what we have available, such as nappy bags. We also have a stock of items available on request such as bottles, breast pumps, feeding pillows, formula, dummies, maternity clothes etc.

4. Evaluation

We normally then get back in contact with our referrers for feedback about how we were able to help the families. Most of our clients usually get back in touch with us once baby is born and we do what we can to offer further assistance when required. 

We keep in contact with our clients throughout this whole period.  At 6 months postnatal,  that is when we make our final visit to the client for a follow up meeting. This is when we provide education and information on weaning and safer sleep. At this point we also take to the family: feeding set, bigger clothes for baby, high chair, cot bed and sheets and a bumbo style seat.

How to help:

If you would like to donate good quality baby items please see our donate items page. We also rely on financial donations for the project for essential new items such as nappies, wipes and new mattresses. To support us please donate here. We also have lots of baby items on our amazon wishlist where you can buy from amazon and have it shipped straight to us. Thank you for your support!

If you’d like to hold a fundraiser for the baby project, baby showers in our aid have been very popular in churches and community groups. We can send a speaker for the event, and people bring donations of baby items and refreshments to share. We can also provide baby shower style games if required. Please contact us if this is something you’d be interested in hosting.