Clothing Coventry

Clothing Coventry is currently our only project that reaches out beyond Carriers of Hope’s usual clients, to supply good quality new and nearly new clothes to anyone in Coventry who needs them.

Clothing Rails

We provide and stock a network of clothing rails across the city where anyone in need can make a choice of clothes they need for free. We need more venues to host a rail where it’s accessible to the public or a high-need group.


We accept referrals from partner organisations for those in urgent need, such as women fleeing domestic abuse.
To request clothes for a client in urgent need, please email below or call Katie on 07914938064

Pop-up shop

We offer pop-up shops where those in need can come to our warehouse or the pop-up location to collect good quality second-hand items for free.
This is currently suspended due to COVID-19, but please do get in touch about hosting a pop-up shop in the future.

Get in touch to find out more!