Furniture Project

Furniture Project

The Furniture Project supports our clients with deliveries of furniture and white goods.

We rely on donations of good quality small furniture items for refugees, asylum seekers, and other migrants living in Coventry.

All items must be in good condition, suitable for re-use in a small home. Please do not be offended if the team refuse your items as we have very specific needs to ensure our families are equipped with the best to start them on their journeys.

Our driver (if we’re collecting) or warehouse supervisor (if you’re dropping off) has the final say on the day as they know our families needs and homes better than all of us. We pride ourselves on making our families comfortable and to do this we only take items we would re-home ourselves.

If you’d like to donate your items, please contact with photo and details of the items.

Yes Please!

~ Fridges and freezers, up to 6ft tall

~ Washing Machines

~ 2 Seater sofas

~ Compact dining table and chairs

~ Bedframes

~ Clean unsagging mattresses

~ Bunk Beds

~ Drawers and bedside tables

~ Small wardrobes under 50cm

No Thank you.

~ Tumble Dryers

~ 3 piece suites and large sofas

~ Divan beds

~ Stained or sagging mattresses

~ Large wardrobes

~ Sideboards

~ Futons

~ Dark, very old-fashioned furniture

~ Anything requiring repair, however small